Ski Lift Technician

Job Description

Ski Lift Technicians install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair ski lift equipment as well as assist with the start-up and shut-down of the lifts daily. Lift technicians must be able to read diagrams and schematics, manufacturer’s manuals, diagnose and repair electrical problems and perform other procedures requiring specialized training. The technician will also supervise seasonal lift operators and monitor their performance.

Department/Corporate Entity:

Lift Department

Reports To:

Lift Department Supervisor

Job Duration:



Coming Soon

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform all duties assigned by the Lift Dept Supervisor and Lead Technician.
  • Ensure all lifts are maintained to ANSI B77 and NYS ICR 32 and
    manufacturers’ standards.
  • Assist in emergency situations such as lift evacuations.
  • Report and rectify any unsafe conditions.
  • Submit all required Work Orders in a complete and timely manner.
  • Keep a clean, organized, and safe work environment.
  • Assist in training and policy enforcement of seasonal staff.
  • Use courtesy and respect when dealing with management, staff, co-
    workers and guests.


  • Ski Lift Technicians must be a minimum of 18 years old with a “clean”, valid driver’s license.
  • Possess ability to read, write, speak and comprehend American English.
  • Must have mechanical and electrical training and/or experience.
  • Ski Lift Technicians must be friendly, polite and outgoing.
  • Ski Lift Technicians will have passed a pre-employment substance screening.


  • Be able to work in Winter elements for extended periods, including
    physical activities such as climbing, working at heights, lifting and walking. Training, including fall protection and fall rescue, and PPE, including helmets and harnesses, are provided.
  • Use personal protective equipment as outlined during training sessions.
  • The lift technician is exposed to fumes (i.e. welding), solvents, gases, lubricants, and other environmental and physical hazards. Training and PPE are provided.
  • The lift technician is exposed to moderate to high noise levels, outdoor temperatures and weather, and confined spaces. Training and PPE are

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