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Enhance your skills!

Enhance your skills or learn something completely new with one of our friendly snowsports instructors. Our weekend clinics are just the thing to keep you motivated and on the path of progression. Own the confidence and freedom to carve up any slope your heart desires.

From first-time skiers to competitive racing, the snow sports school at HoliMont is one of the best. Have one of our awesome instructors spend the day skiing with your kids and see how fast they progress.

For more information please contact the Snowsports Office at: 716.699.2320 or Email: [email protected]


Private Lessons and Clinics

Private Lessons and Groups
Junior Private Lessons – Open to athlets age 2 and 3
  • .5 hour Private – $85
  • 1 Hour Private – $150
Private Lessons – Open to athletes age 4 and up:
  • 1 Hour Private – $150, add a person for $65
  • 1 1/2 Hour Private – $200, add a person for $90
  • 2 Hour Private – $250, add a person for $110
Full Day Private Session – Open to athletes age 18 and up:
  • 5 Hours of Training – $500, add a person for $200
PPP – Personal Progress Private
  • $ 400 for 3 1.5 Hour Clinics
  • 1.5 Hour Clinic each month January, February, March.  You start each session with a goal and leave with some tasks to work on before the next clinic.  Video and Movement Analysis to finish each lesson with some task to work on between sessions.
Family Fun Adventure 

For generations we have been providing outdoor family fun to our members and guests.  As we work to ensure we continue our Family First approach and offer healthy outdoor and social programming for generations to come we invite you to join our talented Snowsports Staff for a 1.5 hour Family Adventure.  Come on any equipment, we encourage multi-discipline families, for a Fun Family outing provided by our Snowsports Staff.

Bring us a Challenge, share your passions, or just join our team for one of our designated adventure clinics all are sure to be a Fun way to enjoy Winter as a Family.


HoliMont Snowsports Adventure Clinics

Feed your Passion with a 1.5-hour Group Adventure Clinic provided by our seasoned Staff in any discipline.  Mix and Match a la carte for a season of challenge, variety, and exploration.

1 ½ Hour Group Clinic *As conditions Allow

Minimum 3 Adventurers per clinic – $50/Adventurer.

Reserve at 716.699.2320 or [email protected] 48hrs prior to clinic.


Appetizers 8:30-10am
Beginner Backcountry

Whether you are getting ready for a ski trip out west or just want to earn your turns this group is for you. Learn about your new AT or tele gear and gain a few tips for what to bring and a more enjoyable Ski up adventure.

Beginner Bumps

Prior to grooming all we had was moguls or step pack that turned into moguls. Get back to the roots of skiing with a morning of mogul introduction for those who may be hesitant.    Bumps, Moguls, call them what you will, they can send fear down the spine of the best skier or rider. This introduction class is for those who may be a bit hesitant, but ready for a new challenge.



Come on any equipment – A casual skiing/riding tour of Holimont including points of interest, connector trails, and behind the scenes spots. Explore HoliMont through a new lens and enjoy with coffee history at Foxwood warming hut.


Brunch 9:30-12pm
Racing 101

Wondering if you’re ready for our Master’s Racing Program? Join our Master’s Racing Program for the day for a lens into your kiddos race training, and the possibility of feeding your appetite for some competitive coaching.


Entrees 1030am-1200pm
Tele Trix

Intermediate Telemark Group. Feed your new-found passion and digest new tips and tricks of the trade as you challenge yourself and each other.  Movement Analysis and Video Review


Moms Meet Up

Put the miles on with one of our talented Women Instructors while your kiddos are in programs. Movement Analysis and Video Review


Point of View

Skis, Board, or Tele – working on your skiing or riding and looking for some video analysis. Take a few runs with one of our instructors and a videographer.  Review video for movement analysis and go back out with a new vision.


Second Course 130-3:00pm
Taste of Tele

Beginner Telemark Group. Free the heel and mind as you explore a new challenge at HoliMont.  Clinic does not include gear see GearUp Rentals if you need equipment.


Tree Country

Planning a backcountry trip or just looking to explore the glades at HoliMont. Take a trip through the woods with one of our instructors to explore new terrain and challenge yourself in a backcountry setting.


Crud Busters

Get the most out of the day and take advantage of the afternoon crud. Push your balance and ability as you learn to ski through all conditions late in the day.


Desert 2:30-4pm

Need to unwind and work off some of the lactic acid from a full day of skiing or riding. Join an Instructor for a different view of our area.


Cross Country Crunch

Explore all HoliMont has to offer with a guided Cross Country tour complete with Nordic tips and instruction to make your uphill adventure a breeze.


Fat Bike Fun

Want to find out what the new big wheel bike buzz is all about. Join one of our instructors for a winter riding blast.  Don’t have a ride?  We have 5 E-Assist Fat bikes available to rent which make the uphill less of a battle.


Old Farts Park n Pipe – Ski or Board

It’s never too late to challenge yourself in our terrain park environments. Group up with one of our Freestyle Instructors for an introduction to terrain park features.


Enjoy Learning at Every Level

Programs for All

With programs available for every level from ‘learn to Ski/Ride’ to telemark, nordic, and freestyle skill refinement, we have you covered! There’s always something new to learn.

Lifelong Friendships

Seasonal Programs, Private Lessons, Group Lessons, and Specialized Instruction provide plenty of opportunities for healthy competition with new faces, or more time with immediate family and friends!

Room to Grow

It’s true that winter sports are continuous learning adventures! Young athletes that show interest in joining the coaching ranks have the opportunity to grow in new areas with our instructor training.

Join the Club.

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