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Experience New York State’s most successful weekend racing program!

The HoliMont Racing Center is staffed by coaches and former racers certified by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF). The program combines excellent racing competition and experience while promoting tremendous camaraderie. Young skiers can move from HoliKids to Stepping Stones as they begin to express an interest in racing. After that, they can get their feet wet in Intraclub Racing, before advancing to a travel team.

Race programs are only available to HoliMont Members.


Seasonal Programs

Christmas Camp Only

December 27-30th, 2023

There will be four full days of fun and learning filled with skiing, riding, and celebrating with friends. Morning and afternoon sessions all four days, with fun and exciting camp, races the final afternoon. Camp is included in all Competitive Programs except IntraClub and Adult Racing.

Coaches remain with the same group throughout the camp and most will continue to coach the same racers throughout the ski season. Groups will concentrate on skiing fundamentals and work up to both Slalom and Giant Slalom techniques and tactics. There is no better way to improve your or your children’s skiing than the basic skiing and gate training drills used by our professionally trained USSCA, CSCF, and PSIA staff.

Four days of skiing fundamentals, gate-training drills, tuning, and waxing clinic, do not miss it!

Cost Camp Only – $495 / $545 after 11/30/2023 / $595 after 12/25/2023

Adult Racing Program

January 6 – March 3, 2024 

The HoliMont Adult Racing program is a fun, challenging, and competitive curriculum designed to help improve your personal skiing and racing skills. It offers adults of all ages the opportunity to meet and ski with others that have a passion for developing and honing their competitive talents. An emphasis is placed on individual skill development, movement patterns, energy management, and racing tactics to generate improved ski performance. Each participant has the opportunity to choose between race training in gates or skill development sessions on closed racecourses and dedicated training arenas.

1 Day/Week Cost – $550 / $650 after 11/30/2023/ $750 after 12/31/2023

2 Day/Week Cost – $775 / $875 after 11/30/2023/ $975 after 12/31/2023


January 6 – March 10, 2024   

*Includes Christmas Camp December 27-30, 2023

This program is designed to introduce young skiers to the excitement of ski racing. Group size is usually 5 or 6 racers to one certified coach. The coach typically remains with the same group throughout the season. The aim of the program is to be a fun atmosphere while promoting skiing improvement and adaptability while giving young skiers an opportunity to meet kids their own age and develop new friendships. Prerequisites include the athlete being able to parallel or wide-track, be a minimum of 8 years old, and able to get on and off all ski lifts unassisted. Athletes have typically graduated from the HoliMont Ski School Programs.  All Races are at HoliMont, No Travel Required.

Cost – $1100 / $1200 after 11/30/2023 / $1300 after 12/31/2023

CompCrew Program

January 6 – March 10, 2024

*Includes Christmas Camp December 27-30, 2023

A fundamental development program for 6- and 7-year-old athletes who aspire to compete in freestyle or racing.  Athletes will be introduced to racing and freestyle aspects of SnowSports competition to provide a diverse base for these youngsters, so they are prepared to take on whichever discipline of snow sports competition they choose as once they turn 8.  Athletes will compete in IntraClub Races and Club Freestyle Competitions at HoliMont.

Cost – $1200 / $1300 after 11/30/2023/ $1400 after 12/31/2023

Travel Entry Program

December 17 – March 17, 2024   

*Includes Christmas Camp December 27-30, 2023

This option is a price break for any Racer NEW to our traveling race programs. Take part in a reasonable racing competition schedule that provides outstanding coaching and group camaraderie. These athletes will mesh with their age-appropriate programs, U12/10, U14, U16/18 which are designed for young racers competing in the Niagra Frontier Ski Council, NFSC, New York Ski racing Assoicaiton, NYSSRA, and US Ski and Snowboard, USSS, Pipeline.  Races include the first two NFSC Council Races, typically Holiday Valley and HoliMont, and Kandahar Race. This option is only available for one season however athletes can choose to continue witht eh full competitive program or strictly train for the remainder of the season after the first two races.

US Ski and Snowboard and New York State Ski Racing Association Licenses Required.  

Cost – $1200 / $1300 after 11/30/2023/ $1400 after 12/31/2023

Competition USSS, NYSSRA, and NFSC Junior Programs

December 16 – March 17, 2024   

Our Junior Programs are for our younger racers between the ages of 8 and 18 who are currently competing or would like a chance to compete locally in Western NY and abroad. At these levels, our junior racers are provided the opportunity to test their ability at the regional, state, and possibly the national level with kids their own age.

The Junior Programs consist of four training groups; each with highly qualified USSCA, CSCF, and PSIA certified coaches. This is an elite training program is where we hope all young racers who enter our Intraclub program will someday participate.

Age Groups IncludeU10/U12, U14, U16, U18+. Many of our junior athletes have shown great success at the state, regional, and national level with many medals and top 10 finishes in all age groups.

US Ski and Snowboard and New York State Ski Racing Association Licenses Required.

U12/10 – Cost – $1350 / $1450 after 11/30/2023/ $1550 after 12/31/2023

U14 – Cost – $1775 / $1875 after 11/30/2023/ $1975 after 12/31/2023

U16/18 – Cost – $2000 / $2100 after 11/30/2023/ $2200 after 12/31/2023


Competitive Racing at HoliMont

Intraclub Racing

Meet new friends and enjoy lots of free skiing under the direction of a coach/instructor.

Junior Alpine Travel Team

The Junior Alpine travel team consists of five age groups and requires membership to the United States Ski Association (USSA) and New York State.

Adult Racing

Prepare for gate training with technical freeskiing. Having the same coach for each lesson provides continuity and promotes improvement on the racecourse and in freeskiing.

Travel Entry Program

Take part in a reasonable racing competition schedule that provides outstanding coaching and group camaraderie. This program is designed for young racers or those who desire a less intense travel schedule.

Competitive Snowboard Program

The program will help to develop athletes from the basic rider up through all aspects of snowboarding competition.

Junior Snowboard Team

Compete on the local racing circuit of the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA). Groups concentrate on basic riding skills, slalom, and giant slalom techniques.

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