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HoliMont is the perfect place to bring your team for an escape. Winter or Summer, we have the facilities and property for you to spread out and get some time out of the office.

Corporate Ski Passes

With the HoliMont Corporate Ski Pass, your employees and clients will enjoy the unique skiing/riding experience that HoliMont offers. HoliMont Corporate Pass holders are also entitled to attend all HoliMont weekend socials. Additionally, your corporation may also have up to 8 guests reserved per weekend day-they may purchase a lift ticket but each guest is limited to six visits per year and picture ID must be shown at the time of ticket purchase.


HoliMont Corporate Ski Pass

How does the Corporate Ski Pass work? There are three options that you can choose from. The annual fee for the 2021-2022 ski season is $6000.

Option 1

A designated family of your corporation (4 people) will receive picture passes for one entire season.  The passes are non-transferable and must be designated at the time of payment.

Option 2

Four transferable Special Issue passes are available daily. Reservations must be made in advance for your weekend skiing. Your corporation will designate specific personnel to make the reservations. This system avoids any confusion at the ticket window and allows the skier more time on the slopes.

Option 3

A combination of picture and special issue passes that should not exceed a total of four people. If you designate a picture pass to a family with less than four members, the remaining passes can be used as floating special issue passes.

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