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Community Pass

Enhance Your Business with the Community Pass

Discover exclusive opportunities for Ellicottville businesses with the HoliMont Community Pass Program. Enhance guest experiences with discounted lift tickets and increase visibility through dedicated website advertising. Join us in promoting community collaboration and mutual success.

For inquiries and enrollment please contact Bill Rosenberry

Shop Pass

Exclusive Benefits for Ski Shops

Dive into the Shop Pass program tailored exclusively for ski shops in Ellicottville. Learn how partnering with Holimont through this pass can enhance your offerings and strengthen your connection to the local skiing community.

For inquiries and enrollment please contact Bill Rosenberry

Other HoliMont Passes

Tickets & Day Passes

Generations of skiers have grown up on the slopes at HoliMont. It’s a special place where skiing and family fun come together in a cozy location. 

Corporate Pass

With the HoliMont Corporate Ski Pass, your employees and clients will enjoy the unique skiing/riding experience that HoliMont offers. 

Groups, Clubs & Ski Tours

HoliMont is defined by togetherness, which makes it a perfect destination for ski and snowboard groups in New York.

Join the Club.

HoliMont Main Chalet SnowCam

HoliMont Sunset SnowCam