You never know what to expect with Western New York weather, especially when it comes to snowstorms, and this past Valentine’s Day was definitely no exception.  After receiving consistent snow all morning long, early on in the afternoon the sky opened up and the snow really started to fall.  At one point the snowstorm was so intense that you could barely see the chair in front of you on the ride up the chairlift to the top of the hill.

The brunt of the stormstorm was fairly short-lived, however it lasted long enough to give the hills of Ellicottville noticeable snow accumulation for the day.  It’s safe to say that we’re now in the heart of the winter snowsports season here at HoliMont and we are enjoying every minute of it.  All summer long we daydream of making turns down Greer, teaching beginner skiers/snowboarders about the sport we love, making park laps, cruising through the glades, and so much more.  That time is here and believe us…it is not to be missed!  Need proof?  Check out the snowstorm video below or our photo gallery here!


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