Retro Ski Suit Party 2015

On January 24th, HoliMont Members and their friends got together in the Chalet for a retro ski suit party that was not to be missed!  The outfits were nothing short of fantastic, and Buffalo’s own Bleeding Hearts rocked the Chalet all night long.  It was a night...

A New Slope at HoliMont

Someday in the near future (although not this coming season) there will be a new terrain park area at HoliMont.  That slope will be part of the WestMont Ridge expansion and at this very moment work is being done to get that slope ready for action.  Obviously this is...
The Ellicottville Volunteer Fire Department

The Ellicottville Volunteer Fire Department

The Ski Patrol at HoliMont does an excellent job of keeping people on the slopes as protected as possible.  During normal business hours, we can count on our Ski Patrol to administer First Aid to our Members and Guests, as well as our HoliMont Employees.  And when the...

Turn With Your Toes, Not Your Nose

By Dan Balkin HoliMont Snowsports School Sounds catchy, eh?  I threw in the “eh” because this tip comes to us courtesy of some Canadian friends.  This is only fitting, because roughly half of the skiers in our fair town hail from Canada.  This is actually third-hand...

Phoenix International Adaptive Race

Phoenix International Adaptive Race: Congratulations to all of the participants in our annual HoliMont Snowsports Phoenix Program Race!  Six teams participated in our “Rise to the Challenge” race including:  The Milton Ontario Special Olympics Team, The Mississauga...

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