Enhance your skills or learn something completely new with one of our friendly snowsports instructors. Our weekend clinics are just the thing to keep you motivated and on the path of progression. Own the confidence and freedom to carve up any slope your heart desires.

We have a number of programs to fit your child’s needs and abilities. From first time skiers to competitive racing, the snow sports school at HoliMont is one of the best. Have one of our awesome instructors spend the day skiing with your kids and see how fast they progress.

Explore the mountain with our certified, professional instructors and coaches in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.  Our weekend clinics are tailored to the wishes of the group.  Have fun cruising the slopes while honing your skills, or go for gates, bumps, crud and try the Terrain Park.  Enjoy our wine and cheese party with all the groups.  Clinics are geared towards our intermediate to advanced skiers/snowboarders. 

Adaptive ski/snowboard program focuses on the instruction and guidance for adults and children with special needs.  Staffed by dedicated volunteers and trained instructors, this program provides a safe, compassionate skiing environment.  Each student is matched up with an instructor and a volunteer.  Helmets and proper winter/ski clothing is required (not provided by program).  Skis, boards, boots and poles are not provided.  Special adaptive equipment is provided.

Experience New York State’s most successful weekend racing program!
The HoliMont Racing Center is staffed by coaches and former racers certified by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF). The program combines excellent racing competition and experience, while promoting tremendous camaraderie. Young skiers can move from HoliKids to Stepping Stones as they begin to express an interest in racing.

Designed for recreational and competition freestyle skiers, the FLITE Team members are encouraged, but not required to participate in competitions.  Coaching at local events include, HoliMont, Holiday Valley, Buffalo Ski Club and Bristol A “ECS.”  Any FLITE Team extras may be added to this program.

The program will help to develop athletes from the basic rider up through all aspects of snowboarding competition. The competition snowboard program participants have the opportunity to compete in a variety of disciplines including Alpine Giant Slalom and Slalom, BoarderCross, Slopestyle, and Halfpipe. Groups concentrate on basic riding skills up through specific techniques in whichever discipline(s) they are to compete. 


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