We’re excited to announce that Travis Widger has been selected as HoliMont’s new Director of Snowsports. In addition to filling the leadership role at HoliMont Snowsports, Travis will be bringing the Racing operation and Snowsports together so that all aspects of Snowsports at HoliMont can operate collaboratively under the same umbrella as we move into the 2019/20 ski season.
For any of you that are unfamiliar with Travis, he has spent the last 7 seasons as HoliMont’s dedicated, hardworking and successful Racing Director – often to be found coaching athletes, setting courses, and generally out on the hill in the winter. Travis’ grandfather, Pete Widger was the second General Manager of HoliMont and spent nearly 20 years at the helm. His second cousin Jack Widger preceded him as the HoliMont Race Director, and His father Mike Widger ran the Racing Program at Holiday Valley in the 80’s. Travis is a fourth generation Ellicottvillian with skiing in his genes.
We have every confidence that Travis will build on the well-established success of our Snowsports operation, and so play a huge part in helping to bring all of HoliMont to the next level.
We hope you will all join us in congratulating and wishing Travis success in his new role here at HoliMont.

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