2020 - 2021 WEEKDAY RATESAdultJunior (6 - 11)Senior (70+)
Weekday All Day$69$56$56
Beginner Area Only$22$22$22
Toddler (Age 5 & Under)FREE

*Children age 5 and under ski for free (does not include lessons) but they do need to get a lift ticket at the ticket office.

2020 - 2021 WEEKEND RATESAdultJunior (6 - 11)Senior (70+)
Weekend All Day$84$67$67
Weekend Half Day (Sunday Only After 1:00 pm)$80$63$63
Beginner Area Only$25$25$25
2 Day$146$123$123
3 Day$215$179$179

• Prior to use, become familiar with the safe use of the lifts
• Do not interfere with the operation of the lifts Board or disembark only at areas designated by the lift operator
• Use restraint devices in accordance with posted instructions
• If the lift operation is interrupted for any reason, remain on the lift until the ski area operator offers instruction or aid
• Do not eject objects or materials from the lift
• Do not place objects on the uphill track of a surface lift, which may interfere with its normal operation
• Do not wear loose clothes or accessories, such as scarves, and do not expose long hair, which may become entangled with the lift.

• Be familiar with posted information before skiing any slope or trail
• Ski in designated areas only (avoid all closed areas)
• Do not ski on a slope or trail designated as Closed by the ski operator
• Do not ski beyond your limits or abilities to overcome variations in slope, trail configuration and surface or subsurface conditions – which may be caused or altered by weather, slope or trail maintenance work by the ski operator or skier use
• Yield to other skiers when entering a trail or starting downhill
• Remain in constant control of speed and course at all times to avoid contact with other skiers and/or plainly visible or clearly marked obstacles
• Do not overtake another skier in such a manner as to cause contact with him/her and yield the right of way to the skier being overtaken Do not cross the uphill track of any surface lift

• Do not willfully stop on any slope or trail where such stopping is likely to cause collision with other skiers or vehicles
• Do not leave the scene of any accident resulting in the personal injury of another party until the ski operator arrives, except for summoning aid
• Report any personal injury to the ski area operator before leaving the ski area
• Do not damage signs, warning devices or implements, or other safety devices placed or maintained by the ski operator
• Abide by the direction of the ski area operator

Ski Conditions
Please don’t rely on the Slope Report as your only guide to ski conditions. Conditions change constantly, and will have changed since the trails were inspected and the report posted. Keep this in mind when choosing trails. The report is not a guarantee of the ski conditions you will encounter today. Ski conditions change due to changing weather (sunshine, wind, precipitation and temperature fluctuations), skier traffic and use, and operations conducted by the ski area (snow grooming and snow making). Trails not listed as open may have opened since the Slope Report was posted. And some trails noted as open for skiing may now be closed.
Always ski with the expectation that you may encounter risks inherent to the sport. These risks are highlighted on a Warning to Skiers – posted wherever ski lift tickets are sold at this ski area – and include, but are not limited to: ice, bare spots, areas of thin cover, natural and man-made objects, and other skiers.
• Read and obey all posted information
• Ski under control at all times
• You are ultimately responsible for a safe ski experience
• Be aware. Ski with care.
Ski patrol posts the Slope Report twice daily at the central information board located in the main Chalet.


We Make it Snow!

These days it seems like winter changes course as much as your schedule. Make sure that your days on snow are the ones you remember.

Family Atmosphere

Generations of skiers have grown up on the slopes at HoliMont. It’s a special place where skiing and family fun come together in a cozy location. Epic conditions and snow make it easy to focus on fun and relaxation when you’re at HoliMont. Children blossom at HoliMont and life-long friendships are cultivated. Spend more time as a family skiing then waiting in lines.

2020 - 2021 Weekday Group Rate: $48

A group is defined by 15 or more skiers who register two weeks in advance.(All costs are based on U.S. funds.)

Groups Organizer receives:
• 20+ lift tickets = 1 free ticket
• 30+ lift tickets = 2 free tickets
• 60+ lift tickets = 3 free tickets
• 90+ lift tickets = 4 free tickets
• 150+ lift tickets = 6 free tickets

Call for more info: (716) 699-2320

2020 -2021 Corporate Pass


With the HoliMont Corporate Ski Pass, your employees and clients will enjoy the unique skiing/riding experience that HoliMont offers.  HoliMont Corporate Pass holders are also entitled to attend all HoliMont weekend socials.  Friends and colleagues will definitely be impressed with your choice of fun and relaxation! 

Call for more info: (716) 699-2320


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