A guide to safe and considerate skiing

Responsibilities and Duties of Lift Passengers

• Prior to use, become familiar with the safe use of the lifts.
• Do not interfere with the operation of the lifts.
• Board or disembark from lifts only at areas designated by the lift operator.
• Use restraint devices in accordance with posted instructions.
• If the lift operation is interrupted for any reason, remain on the lift until the ski area operator offers instruction or aid.
• Do not eject objects or material from the lift.
• Do not place objects on the uphill track of a surface lift, which may interfere with its normal operation.
• Do not wear loose clothes or accessories, such as scarves, and do not expose long hair, which may become entangled with the lift.

Responsibilities and Duties of Skiers and Boarders

• Be familiar with posted information before skiing any slope or trail.
• Ski in designated areas only.
• Do not ski on a slope or trail designated as closed by the ski operator.
• Do not ski beyond your limits or abilities to overcome variations in slope, trail configuration, and surface or subsurface conditions – which may be caused by weather, maintenance work by the ski operator or skier use.
• Yield to other skiers when entering a trail or starting downhill.
• Remain in constant control of speed and course at all times to avoid contact with other skiers and plainly visible/clearly marked obstacles.
• Do not overtake another skier in such a manner as to cause contact with him/her, or to yield the right of way to the skier being overtaken.
• Do not cross the uphill track of any surface lift.
• Do not willfully stop on any slope or trail where such stopping is likely to cause collision with other skiers or vehicles.
• Do not leave the scene of any accident resulting in the personal injury of another party until the ski operator arrives, unless it’s for the purpose of summoning aid.
• Report any personal injury to the ski area operator before leaving the ski area.
• Do not damage signage, warning devices or implements, or other safety devices placed or maintained by the ski operator.
• Abide by the direction of the ski area operator.
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