Experience New York State’s most successful weekend racing program!

The HoliMont Racing Center is staffed by coaches and former racers certified by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF). The program combines excellent racing competition and experience, while promoting tremendous camaraderie. Young skiers can move from HoliKids to Stepping Stones as they begin to express an interest in racing. After that they can get their feet wet in Intraclub Racing, before advancing to a travel team.

Race programs are only available to HoliMont Members.

Intraclub Racing

Meet new friends and enjoy lots of free skiing under the direction of a coach/instructor.

Junior Alpine Travel Team

The Junior Alpine travel team consists of five age groups and requires membership to the United States Ski Association (USSA) and New York State 

Adult Racing

Prepare for gate training with technical free skiing. Having the same coach for each lesson provides continuity and promotes improvement on the race course and in free skiing. 

“The race program has taught my kids that little things really do make a difference… Keeping skis in top condition, staying fit and eating right, becoming stronger each year, endless practice of fundamentals and positive race day mentality have been lessons learned over the years.”

Dan R.
Akron, OH

JIV / JV / JVI Travel Entry Program

Take part in a reasonable racing competition schedule that provides outstanding coaching and group camaraderie. This program is designed for young racers new to the travel program or those who desire a less intense travel schedule.

Competitive Snowboard Program

The program will help to develop athletes from the basic rider up through all aspects of snowboarding competition. 

Junior Snowboard Team

The traveling snowboard and racing program competes on the local racing circuit of the United States of America Snowboard Association (USASA). Groups concentrate on basic riding skills, slalom and giant slalom technique.


Our program would not be what is if it weren’t for our great volunteers:
Chairman: David Mangan
Board Chair: Steve Buck
Steve Burgart
Constance Ainslie
Glen Taylor
Greg Kerl
Liz Priestman
Garret Ferrara


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