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The undersigned does hereby acknowledge, accept and understand that I have truthfully and to the best of my ability answered all application questions. If my application for membership is granted, I agree to observe and be bound by the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of HoliMont in the present form or as may be amended. I also agree to maintain a current credit card account on file with the Club at all times. Should my account become delinquent, I agree the Club shall have the right to bill such past-due amount to my credit card. I acknowledge, accept and understand that I am personally liable and responsible for all financial obligations relating to my membership and any of my family members who will be utilizing HoliMont. I further declare that the above information which I have supplied on this application is true and correct, and acknowledge that any misrepresentation thereof will be grounds for rejection of my application or dismissal from membership in the club.

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If choosing this option, please complete the application form and address it with the following information:


Email: membership@holimont.com

Fax: (716) 699-5029

HoliMont, PO BOX 279

6921 Route 242

Ellicottville, NY 14731

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