AGE: 18 – 24 (As of 9/1/19)

DUES: $350 + TAX


AGE: 25 – 35 (As of 9/1/19)

DUES: $905 + TAX


*Payment plans available.

Children (18 – 24) of active members can now join as members at a huge savings. For just $350 a year your child can be an active member of HoliMont until age 24. These junior members will have the ability to vote and make reservations under their own membership.
Dues paid during this period can be applied as a credit when and if they join at age 25. Example: Jimmy joins at 18 and pays $350 each year until he’s 25. That $2450 would be applied towards the $6000 initiation fee bringing the buy in price down to $3550 + tax. The initiation fee will be locked in as of the date the child chooses to join the club.
This program is subject to changes in fees and capital assessments.

Please contact the office if you wish to take advantage of this new program.
Phone: (716) 699-2320
Email: membership@holimont.com


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