Get a lift and your Bike too.

HoliMont is one step closer to bike lift service operations. The prototype from Deason Built carriers, arrived on Tuesday afternoon. New trail access and development planned for this spring is on hold until the Covid-19 pandemic is over so stay tuned for future operations and events. The lift carriers were made possible by donations from local businesses and one HoliMont member. Special Thank you to:

Weed Ross Insurance: $1000.00 (Donation)
Team Pritchard / HoliMont Realty: $1300.00 (Men’s Day Fundraiser)
HoliMont Member: $11,000.00 (Donation)

We are looking for more support and sponsorship’s. If you are interested, please contact:

Greg Culver
(716) 699-2320 ext. 11

Over 30 miles of single track can be accessed from the top of HoliMont and the NYS Forrest. These trails were built and are maintained by the local International Mountain Bicycling Association, WNYMBA. In addition to these trails, HoliMont has constructed a 1 mile flow trail that winds down from the top of Greer to our base area. These trails are posted as USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. You may access this trail at anytime but ask that you watch out for mountain crews and service vehicles. The HoliMont Flow Trail is a  BLUE SQUARE run that travels over more difficult terrain. Eventually we hope to have a wide assortment of trails for all levels and abilities. 

Access to the trails at HoliMont are via our XC / Multi-Use trail at our Westmont Area. Please pack out what you pack in.




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