Generational Fun with the Spirit of our Beloved Jim Barker!

By: Travis Widger – HoliMont Racing Director

HoliMont Racing began in 1967 as a low-key organization of families and has evolved into what is one of New York States Premier Racing Clubs and a force to be reckoned with across the Eastern US and Canada. This success and growth of HoliMont Racing can solely be attributed to the family atmosphere, enthusiasm, and sheer love for HoliMont and Winter Sports that was and will always be so evident in members such as our beloved late Jim Barker.

Jim was a man of passion who inspired everyone around him. Jim loved life, HoliMont, and most of all loved his family. He would often brag, as only a proud parent can, about the many accomplishments of his wife Gini, three daughters Allie, Melissa, and Sara, the sons his daughters blessed him with in their partners Elliott, Jed, and Justin, and most recently his grandchildren. It was Jim’s love for his family that drove him to dive into HoliMont Racing, and dive in he did with the unparalleled passion with which he lived life. It is this passion that helped to make HoliMont racing so successful today, and yet the biggest thing Jim was so proud if was the effect HoliMont and HoliMont racing had on his family.

HoliMont_Club_ChampionshipsJim would often say “the friendships that were made through the racing program would last generations.” What Jim may not have seen as it was so close to him is that the friendships are not the only thing that would last generations. HoliMont and HoliMont Racing too lasts for generations, and you may even say are more genetic than tradition. For this reason we found it so fitting to dedicate the Holimont Club Championship to Jim. This March we had many families who competed together with three generations. The Ainslie’s with Constance, Stuart, and Liam, the Kerl’s with Pat, Greg, and Mia, and without a doubt Jim joined us in Spirit to make it three Generations of Barkers with Sara, and her sons Morgan and Aidan.

This family value that Jim instilled in us all is the very foundation that we, HoliMont Racing, use today and it shows in the families, friendships, athletic accomplishments, and much more that have grown since 1967. Today we will continue Jim’s mission of instilling a life-long love for winter sports in all while providing a platform for each athlete to learn, grow, and succeed while reaching for their personal goals in Snowsports competition. With traditional Jim Barker spirit I encourage you all to check out the programs of HoliMont Racing. There are options for all with the IntraClub, Junior Travel Racing, Adult Racing, and Snowboard Programs. We look forward to seeing you and your family in next year’s Jim Barker Memorial Club Championship.

Editor’s Note:  There is now an option to donate to the Jim Barker Memorial Foundation. This foundation was created in Jim’s Memory to continue his endless support of HoliMont Racing and will be used to support the Athletes and Coaches of HoliMont Racing. The foundation will assist coaches in furthering their coaching education and technique through attending clinics and continuing education programs, while helping athletes who need assistance to reach higher levels of competition. In addition, the foundation will sponsor programs to benefit the athletes and coaches with the intention of cultivating a racing environment that encourages self-confidence, respect for others, and the pursuit of personal and athletic growth.

Donations can be sent to Holimont Snowsports, ATTN: Jim Barker Foundation, PO Box 504, Ellicottville NY 14731.

To register for the Jim Barker Memorial Club Championship, click here.


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