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Here at HoliMont (@holimont) we love us some good Instagram action. Instagram is one of the fastest growing apps in the ski industry (recent growth numbers have the photo-friendly app growing at a rate of nearly 2% per month, which exceeds the rate of both Facebook and Twitter combined) and one of the main reasons for its success is the ability it gives us to effectively tell a story in a short yet impactful way; after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This past season, starting with Ellicottville’s first snowfall, HoliMont posted over 110 times to Instagram and that resulted in over 15,000 doubletaps/likes, which we think is nothing short of awesome!  Combine that with those of you who #holimont and/or tagged us in your own photos and the engagement this season was easily our best ever.

Speaking of engagement, we compiled the Top 10 photos of the past season based on the number of likes each received.

#10 – a fantastic repost from @chriscove on March 21st that got 200 likes. His “Cold Chair” post showcased HoliMont in all of its snow-covered glory.  The contrast of the dark outline of skiers on the lift against a cloud of snowmaking made for a very tranquil and almost dreamlike state of HoliMont blissfulness.

#9 – posted on the 2nd of February after Ellicottville got over 6” of snow overnight, this early morning photo of the HoliMont entranceway received 201 likes and the day of skiing/riding that followed was incredible!

#8 – was captured on March 13th, the night of HoliMont’s annual Torchlight Parade.  Nearly 200 people took part in the parade (and the photo generated 205 likes), which made for a fantastic fire-filled spectacle snaking its way down Exhibition.

#7 – another February 2nd post that received 207 likes showing two skiers about to get some fresh pow turns over on Sunrise; proving that the early bird, at least in this case, gets the snow.

#6 – just as much as we love powder here at HoliMont, we also love fresh groomers.  This March 6th post got 212 likes and is a perfect depiction of the level of perfection that our Mountain Crew strives for when making corduroy at HoliMont.

#5 – this early season photo was submitted to us by @mradamx after he hiked to the top of HoliMont on November 15th.  The photo was taken at the peak of the Buffalo “Snowvember” hype and while, unfortunately, Ellicottville was not destined to receive much of the early season snow from that now famous storm it did create a lot of hype for the upcoming ski season.

#4 – bluebird days…can an outing on the slopes get much better?  This April 2nd photo showcased spring skiing at its finest and 227 of you were as equally hyped on the photo as we were on the day itself.  The pristine Meadow chairs stand out brilliantly amongst the blue Ellicottville sky.

#3 – was taken just after the season ended but showed that waking up early has its benefits when it comes to Mother Nature.  With 240 likes this April 15th photograph was captured at 6:30am and demonstrates just how gorgeous Western New York can be.

#2 – another early morning sunrise, this February 24th image also received 240 likes, somewhat proving that our fans love a good sunrise photograph.  The combination of the skyline and the colors reflecting off of Exhibition Express showcase a sight that not many people often see here at HoliMont and one that we are happy to be able to provide you with.

#1 – our most liked Instagram post of the season almost appropriately came on our closing day, April 12th, and received a phenomenal 274 likes.  This simple shot of Corkscrew and the Exhibition Express lift under a crisp blue sky was quite possibly the best way to close out the 2014-15 season.

There you have it. The most 10 liked photos of the past ski season. Again, we want to thank each and every one of you who follow us on Instagram and we look forward to sharing even more astonishing photos with you in the future.


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