Record Number of Newly Certified Instructors for HoliMont Snowsports

NEW PSIA Adaptive Level I Instructors

On Tuesday, March 4th, HoliMont Snowsports congratulated our four new Adaptive Level I instructors: Pat Schaus, Jim Schaus, Annette Auteri and Maureen Quinn. After many weeks of practice and hard study, all passed their PSIA Exam with flying colors at HoliMont.  Also from HoliMont, Don Tompkins passed his Level I Adaptive exam.

NEW PSIA Level I Alpine Instructors

At Holiday Holiday Valley, Robbie Twells, Sophie Cochran, Amy Turner and Sebby Turner passed their Level I Alpine Exam.  Jenna Huibers and Kathryn Gossel received their PSIA Level I Alpine pins at Buffalo Ski Club in February. HoliMont held an in-house PSIA Level I Alpine exam on March 15 & 16, Proud Pin holders are Leah Balkin, Elizabeth Cannon, Brenna Cole, Kelsey Emmerson, Elizabeth Ferrara, Madison McDowell, Kayla McNamara, Corey Pietrocarlo, Carolyn Rider, Dean Snelson and Liam White.

20140316_151434NEW PSIA/AASI Children’s Specialist 1 & II Certifications (CS1)(CS2)

The PSIA Children’s Specialist Certification was also held at HoliMont on March 15 & 16.  In order to be eligible to take the PSIA/AASI Level II Teaching/Skiing Exam, candidates must first achieve Children’s Specialist I Certification. Those passing were Neil Burns, Reeve Dean, Larry Gosse, Mary Ann Kostusiak, Stu Penny, James Pratt, James Quinn, and Mark Vivian.  Tracy Pierce passed his CS1 certification earlier in the season.


Six New PSIA Level I Nordic Instructors

Nick Zubin-Stathopoulos received his Level I Nordic, in February, while six more Nords received their Level I pin at HoliMont on Sunday, March 9th after a rigorous training and examination at HoliMont.  Jay Nation, PSIA Nordic trainer was pleased to give Mary Claire Vivian, Mark Vivian, Emily Hettrick Justine Gabreski, Zachary Johnson, and Tim Leach their certificate and pin at the end of the two-day exam clinic.

NEW HoliMont Trainee Graduates to Junior HoliMont Instructors

During March, HoliMont Snowsports began the testing of the trainees to become Junior Instructors.  Those passing the In-House Alpine Exam were Allie Scalise, Joe Sabik, Quincy DeVries, Ryan Aspenleiter, Lila McKenna, Thomas Merry, Kelsey McNamara, Thomas Kidd, Erin LaMar, Hannah Holland and Matteo Palarchio.  New Snowboard instructors are Mikayla Ward, Emma Switzer, Steven Farnham, Doug Turlik, Tae Dietrich and Anna Crites.

The Snowsports School is incredibly proud to announce this news.  Our new mentoring program certainly seems to be working this season.  With the guidance of a Snowsports mentor, fifty-five instructors have received a new level of certification this season which will make them better qualified to serve our members and guests at HoliMont.  Thank you to all who participated, and special thanks to all of our wonderful clinicians who helped in the training.  This has been an AMAZING season!

We are proud of all the hard work everyone has done from clinicians, instructors, trainers, and office staff at the Snowsports School who helped make it such a wonderful season for all.

Happy Spring.

Wendy Frank

HoliMont Snowsports Director


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