Every week HoliMont Snowsports nominates a ski or snowboard instructor who goes above and beyond the call of duty for the Snowsports Instructor of the Week.  This dedicated employee brings not only a love for snowsports to the table but also a passion for working with others to help them further their own love of skiing/snowboarding.  This week’s instructor is…

Bob Kirk.  Born in Montreal, Canada, Bob Kirk has lived in Hamilton, Ontario for the past thirty-five years. Bob, a former IT specialist at Stelco, has taught 15 years at HoliMont Snowsports School. He is a certified Level 1 CSCF Coach and a Level 2 CSIA instructor. (Canadian Ski Instructors Association) Bob’s favorite group to teach is “Bears with Pole” because they are young enough to listen and understand, and are very polite. His goal is getting them from a wedge to parallel turn, or “Turn a pizza into French Fries.” Congratulations to Bob on being chosen Instructor of the Week at HoliMot.

Bob’s tip of the week, “Be safe, have fun and you might learn something.”



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