Every week HoliMont Snowsports nominates a ski or snowboard instructor who goes above and beyond the call of duty for the Snowsports Instructor of the Week.  This dedicated employee brings not only a love for snowsports to the table but also a passion for working with others to help them further their own love of skiing/snowboarding.  This week’s instructor is…

Dennis Lell hails from Glenwood, New York and has been an instructor at HoliMont Snowsports for the past twelve years. Dennis can teach any level, but he particularly likes the HoliKids “Bears with Poles” group. He is also a conductor for the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra and plays the viola. Always a favorite with the other instructors, Dennis was voted “Instructor of the Year” by his peers at the annual Snowsports School Banquet two years ago. His tip of the week is, “Before every turn, get your hips centered and over your boots.”



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