HoliMont snowmaking went “back to the Grid” this year, and we’re happy to say that we’ve seen a better than anticipated increase in our snowmaking capacity. Those of you that have been on or around the hill recently have seen the results of our efforts on Greer, Cascade, and Wild Turkey trails – and to a lesser degree, Sunset. As I write this we have a full-season of snow on Exhibition, Sky Way West, Upper Meadow, Home Run, and Upper Goat Path and we began pushing piles on Wild Turkey today, though we still have a couple more nights’ worth of snowmaking to do there.

After a warmer night last night, we’ll be back at snowmaking tonight (Tuesday December 17) for the start of an excellent snowmaking weather window that is forecast to last into this weekend. Tonight we’ll be making snow on:

  • Sunset
  • The Ridge
  • West Connection
  • Gully Road
  • Chipmunk
  • Corkscrew
  • Fall Line
  • The upper and lower ends of Meadow
  • Grasshopper
  • Condo Line
  • Wild Turkey
  • Cascade
  • Greer

As we finish making snow on each of these trails, we’ll allow the piled snow to cure for 24 hours before we begin grooming operations. Allowing our new machine-made snow to “dry out” for 24 hours before we groom is one of the processes that help us build and keep the great skiing surface HoliMont is known for.

For this weekend (12/21-22), we will be looking to run Meadow, Cascade, Chipmunk, Exhibition, and possibly Plum Creek (as needed) lifts and open the following trails (in addition to those already open): ABC Gully, Condo Line, Wild Turkey, Sky Way East, Goat Path, Greer, Cascade, and Fall Line.

We will update on the chair/trail schedule for Christmas/New Year’s week as we see what Mother Nature gives us to work with through the end of this week. We spend just about every waking moment watching the weather and so far this season we’re happy to say the weather has, more often than not, been better than the forecast.

You can expect great skiing/riding and, as always, lots of fun to be had at HoliMont this Christmas!

Ed Youmans
General Manager


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