A New Slope at HoliMont

Someday in the near future (although not this coming season) there will be a new terrain park area at HoliMont.  That slope will be part of the WestMont Ridge expansion and at this very moment work is being done to get that slope ready for action.  Obviously this is...
Hiking The Park at HoliMont

Hiking The Park at HoliMont

On Saturday, May 3rd, the HoliMont Terrain Park Crew put together an event for those people who just were not quite ready to say goodbye to the ski season.  With the weather forecast looking a bit less than ideal it was somewhat touch-and-go as to whether or not the...

Acrobag Progression Tour

The Acrobag Progression Tour hit HoliMont on March 26th and people have been having a blast with it every day that it’s been open.  Check out what Acrobag has to offer here.    
HoliMont Snowsports News

HoliMont Snowsports News

Record Number of Newly Certified Instructors for HoliMont Snowsports NEW PSIA Adaptive Level I Instructors On Tuesday, March 4th, HoliMont Snowsports congratulated our four new Adaptive Level I instructors: Pat Schaus, Jim Schaus, Annette Auteri and Maureen Quinn....

Is This Marriage Legal?

By Dan Balkin HoliMont Snowsports School Sounds racy, doesn’t it?  But I tried it myself – and I think so.  It’s not a traditional marriage – it’s a marriage of skiing and snowboarding.  What?  Yes – skiing and snowboarding have been united in a product that is being...
The Ellicottville Volunteer Fire Department

The Ellicottville Volunteer Fire Department

The Ski Patrol at HoliMont does an excellent job of keeping people on the slopes as protected as possible.  During normal business hours, we can count on our Ski Patrol to administer First Aid to our Members and Guests, as well as our HoliMont Employees.  And when the...

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