March is always an interesting month at HoliMont and now that we are half way through it, this March has been no exception.  By the time this publication hits the newsstand HoliMont will have had approximately 85 days of skiing and snowboarding.  There have been good days, some bad days (although a bad day on the slopes still trumps a good day at the office), bluebird days, rainy days and everything in between.  One consistency that March always brings however is Canadian Spring Break, where many HoliMont members flock to Ellicottville with their family and friends for a week long celebration of fun on the slopes, in the Chalet and, of course, downtown in Ellicottville.
Spring Break at HoliMont is always an exciting week.  This year featured a kickoff party on Sunday the 11th headlined by Mirage playing its unique blend of Mediterranean infused contemporary jazz outside on the deck.  As the sun shone down over the Chalet, Members and guests kicked back, took in some rays and discussed the week ahead.
Every day the Spring Break activity list was jam packed with events for both the young and the young at heart.  There was a daily 8:00am snowshoe hike, which not only got people “on snow” earlier than normal but also provided them with a nice morning workout to get them ready for the rest of the day.  The always-popular “Bombardier” ball drop was also a daily staple that had kids excited to test their accuracy (for this contest people purchase numbered tennis balls and try to throw them into a large bucket on the slope as they pass over it from the chairlift).  Every afternoon, down in the Chalet, the cafeteria transformed into a bingo hall for kids.  Calls of B-9 and N-44 echoed throughout the Chalet and were constantly followed by screams of delight or dissatisfaction. 
Some other highlights from the week included:
·      Monday
o   Non-Alcoholic Cocktail bar with Strawberry Daiquiris and Pina Coladas
o   A Family Volleyball tournament out on the snow
·      Tuesday
o   Maple Syrup Taffy on the hill at Carpenters Corners (definitely worth the price of admission)
o   The start of the “Open” Volleyball tournament
o   TWISTER Competition
o   Euchre Tournament
o   A Karaoke Après Ski Party – HoliBreak Idol
·      Wednesday
o   A Hot Dog and Sausage lunch
o   Bump Contest on the Downspout moguls
o   Day 2 of the Euchre Tournament
o   Après Ski Party featuring The Party Squad
·      Thursday
o   Tattoo Booth – rub on of course
o   Family and Race Camp race where teams of at least 3 family members compete to determine the fastest family
o   The final leg of the “Open” Volleyball tournament
o   Family Dinner/Dance featuring the music of Only Humen
·      Friday
o   Scavenger Hunt
o   Candy Hunt
o   Non-Alcoholic Cocktail bar with Strawberry Daiquiris and Pina Coladas
The entire week offered a vast array of fun-filled activities for everyone at HoliMont.  And fun is what Canadian Spring Break is all about.  It’s one last week where a lot of people can come down and get a taste for what the HoliMont experience is all about.  Between the skiing and riding, the laid-back festive atmosphere, and the various family events that take place every year; HoliMont is a great way to wind down the season and create memories that will make you look forward to the next season.

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